Hourly or All Day Private Photo Instruction:
- Classroom instructions and Field techniques
- Sunrise or Sunset Locations
- Software Training: (Photoshop, HDR, Lightroom, NIK software)
- Picturesque Locations - Private instruction workshops will be tailored to your goals

Private Instruction is informal yet a very focused session to help you fine tune your photographic skills and to help you consistently make stronger images!

Hourly = $75 (min of 2 hours) 
1 Participant = $500/ day rate
2-3 Participants = $700/day rate
4-5 Participants = $1200/day rate

(Prices are for the group and not the individual photographer. ) 

Film Photography Private Instruction:

 Film selection, Creative composition, Camera Settings, Chemicals, B&W, C-41, E-6 Unicolor Kits, Darkroom set up and execution. 

$75.00 - Per Hour (*Minimum of 2 hours.*) Basic camera function, Film selection. One on one class for understanding your camera settings, composition and exposure. Choosing the correct film for the right situation. Learning your photographic triangle in a relax environment. When to push and pull film. What chemicals to use, Development times and process. **NO DEVELOPMENT IS INCLUDED WITH THIS.**  

$79.95 - Per Student (Darkroom) Basic B&W film development process. We will use D-76 or XTOL chemicals with a Paterson tank. We will only be working with 35mm and 120mm films during this class. *FILM IS NOT INCLUDED* You must bring a roll of exposed film to develop. Chemicals will be provided along with all equipment needed for the process.